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Come along for a Ship Visit! 

What it's all about

Witness Maritime ministry up close while gaining insight on our local church ministry.

This is an opportunity for pastors and laity to spend time alongside Seafarer’s Friend and to experience maritime ministry firsthand. 

You will experience multicultural life on board a ship and engage in caring conversation with seafarers. There will be a session of orientation and discussion following the experience. 

Must be 18 years or older to accompany a Chaplain onboard a ship. 


Bring a Small Group

We welcome small groups (5 or less) from your church or youth group to come and see our ministry and serve at our Boston Seafarer Center.  We will also give your group tours of the harbor and a presentation of our ministry. These are some of the things your group can help out with!


  • Clean and organize Center

  • Painting and small repairs

  • Fill Ditty Bags

  • Collect and organize donations, Bibles and reading material


For more information or questions about volunteering opportunities, please contact us at our Executive Office in Chelsea, MA here!

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